About Djons


This pretty much summarises Djons.

We’ve been around for more than twenty years. We know what clients want. We know how to deliver. We don’t take short cuts. You can trust our work meets or exceeds your expectations – and any industry requirements.

Speed is our standard – because it’s a client need
Over the years we have specialised in fast delivery – without compromising on quality, of course. In the industries of our clients, efficient processes and minimal downtime is crucial – hence we made fast delivery our focus.

We only work with the best so we can lead in quality
We’ve surrounded ourselves with ‘the best’ – so nothing stands in the way of delivery outstanding quality and service. And ‘the best’ applies to anything; from working with leading suppliers and partners such as Trelleborg Sealing Solutions through to the best materials, machines, software, equipment – and of course, people!

Our machines can do anything, but not without our amazing people who operate them
Our amazing team includes highly skilled, qualified and experienced people through to new and motivated hard workers who are keen to learn – as we know that skilled people of the future are today’s learners, and we need to surround them with expertise and opportunity.

Not the cheapest, but we’ll make up for that with quality and service
We sometimes jokingly say: “we are not the cheapest, but we are the best.” But actually, it’s true. Our clients don’t expect the lowest price, but they can rely on us to do our job well. And that’s the reason why we have many satisfied and returning clients from all over the globe.

Work hard. Play hard.
Yes, we are a hard working bunch. Our clients and their needs are leading for our planning and processes. You’ll often find us at work before dawn and other non-nine-to-five-hours. And we love it. And we thrive in it, because we know how to have a good time doing it all.

Go on… a bit of history too
Djons was born from extensive experience in the bearing and machining industry by owner John van der Knaap, in 2007. Starting out with only a few machines, Djons quickly grew into a leading manufacturer and moved twice to larger dwellings. Hidden in Het Westland, we now get to supply beyond the Netherlands and even Europe.


Our door is always open, and we’re ready to take your call or answer your email – also fast. We can help with any questions you have about your application.